Nepal’s Attempt to Break The World Record of ‘World’s Largest Human National Flag’

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KATHMANDU, AUG 23: More than 35000 people gathered today here at Tudikhel to break the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Human Flag. The event was organized by Human Values for Peace and Prosperity (HVPP) with the tagline ‘Breaking the record to unite the hearts.’


More than 35000 people, holding placards in their hands, in an etimated area of 101,000 sq. feet attempted to break the world record which is currently held by Pakistan. The Pakistani flag consisted of 28,957 participants and was achieved by Punjab Youth Festival 2014, organized by Sports Board Punjab at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan on 15 February 2014.


The evidences of the attempt were captured in five photo cameras and 14 video cameras and will be sent to Guinness for adjucation. It will take around two months to recieve the verification results.


The witnesses for the event included Anuradha Koirala, Founder of Maiti Nepal; Anil Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Mega Bank; Byakul Malla, lyricist of the National Anthem and Television programme presenter Suraj Singh Thakuri.


The proceeds collected from the event will be used to support Sunkoshi landslide victims.


See some of the moments from the event captured in photographs:

human flag in nepal

human flag in nepal 3

human flag in nepal 1

human flag in nepal 2

human flag in nepal 8

And here is a short video:






Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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