Celebrate Friendship With ‘Utsav’

The greatest gift of life is friendship and if you have friends who mean the world to you, well collect them all and go and watch ‘Utsav’ this weekend. Utsav is a new Nepali movie which tells a story about five best friends – Saugat Malla, Gaurav Pahari, Sanjog Koirala, Menuka Pradhan and Prakriti Shrestha. The film produced by Shekhar Koirala under the banner of The Showbiz Productions and written and directed by Kumar Bhattarai is set to release this Friday, Aug 29th. The music of the film is already very popular and expectations are high with the film as well but we still have to see if it stands up to the expectations or not.

Watch the trailer and comment below if you plan to watch it or not.



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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