Nepali Android App Sold For Rs. 2 Million


We often hear about the smartphone apps being sold and bought by different companies. The list includes popular apps like Instagram, viber, whatsapp and so many others. The latest to join the list is one of the most popular Nepali android apps – Nepal Loadshedding Schedule. It is one of the only three Nepali smartphone apps that has been downloaded for more than 500000 times, the other two being Nepali Patro and Hamro Patro.


Nepal Loadshedding Schedule was developed by a couple – Chandra Man Shrestha and Eliza Shrestha two years back and the app instantly got popular because of the very useful content for every single Nepali. As the name suggests, it has the routine of the loadshedding of all the seven groups which are applicable all over Nepal. An easy option of updating the schedule when a new one arrives, makes it even more efficient. An internet connection is required to update the schedule and it can be seen offline once it is updated.

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule


Shiran Technologies; the makers of popular smartphone apps like Cash on Ad, Kantipur Media Group (KMG) and Online Khabar; has acquired the app now. Along with Rs. 20 lakh ($20000 approx) cash, Shrestha couple will also be getting 10% of the revenue from the app for next ten years. The developers had been earning around $500 monthly from the app till now.


It surely is a very good news for the IT sector of Nepal as it will motivate the people in this field to work even better.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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