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When the whole world is filled with the colors of FIFA World Cup, how could Nepal stay behind? Even though Nepali football team doesn’t play World Cup or we can just say, hasn’t qualified for the WC yet;¬† there’s no stopping for Nepali football fans to cheer for their favorite teams in all the ways possible. Nepal has +8:48 hours of time difference than Brazil, the host of the WC 2014. That means all the matches are played when it’s late at night in Nepal but wait, does that bother the crazy fans? Well, hell no!!

Like all other media, weekly and monthly magazines too have got the football fever. Here are some of the leading magazines  with their covers inspired by the FIFA WC.

First on the list is the weekly supplement of The Kathmandu Post – Movers & Shakers (M&S) with the beautiful Paramita Rana, Jyotsna Yogi and Krisha Shahi on the cover. The girls look rough, dirty and all muddy but still they look super cute, don’t they? The cover is photographed by Kishor Kayastha, wardrobe designed by Subexya Bhadel, hair and make up are done by Meena Kayastha and Bigen Thapa. Here’s the cover:

Kathmandu Post


A tie-sheet has also been included:

World Cup 2014 Schedule


Next on the list is Vida. Adorable Niti Shah shines on the cover. Calvin Gurung is the man behind the camera and MUA is done by Poonam. Take a look at the cover:

VIDA Magazine Cover Page


Yeah, we know, no one can ever get enough of Niti’s pictures; so here are some of more pictures of her from the magazine.

VIDA Magazine 2 Vida Magazine 3 VIDA Magazine 4 VIDA Magazine 5

At last but not the least is Living featuring the stunning Astha Pokharel and Namrata Thakur; photographed by ECS Media’s Rabindra Prajapati, styled by Ayesha Elsha Thapa, wardrobe designed by Manis Joshi and Lizan Pradhanang, Hair and MUA by Bigen Tamang and Amrita Shrestha.

Living Magazine Cover Page

It’s still not over yet. These eight beautiful angels are here supporting their favorite teams. They will make you wanna love football (and themselves for sure) even if you are not into this sport yet.

Living Magazine


(From Left to Right) Aastha Pokharel, Asmee Shrestha, Mala Limbu, Bidhatri Pokhrel, Sonaya, Namrata Thakur, Niti Shah, Aayushma

Comment below which cover did you like the best. And yeah, here’s behind the scenes from M&S photoshoot. Enjoy!



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