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Yama Buddha’s ‘Yo Prasanga’ Reveals The Ugly Truth of Human Trafficking in Nepal

Yama Buddha is one of the most loved singers of Nepal. He very neatly and finely showcases the human sentiments […]

Axix is Back With ‘Mero Prem’

One of the most loved Nepali rock bands Axix; which consists of Sandeep Bishwakarma (vocal), Ujwal Mahat (drums), Saurav Rajbhandari […]

Topi Brings ‘Mitho Bihani’

Yes, the popular indie band Topi is back with their latest music video – Mitho Bihani. Just like the band’s […]

Birkhey to Fight Mary Kom

Nepali movie ‘Birkheylai Chinchhas’ is set to release this Friday on September 5th. The film directed by Araaj Keshav, tells […]

Inspirational Seminar With Saunak Bhatta (Video)

Saunak Bhatta, a popular youth figure and an internationally certified motivational speaker had conducted a seminar called ‘Motivational Seminar With […]

How Much Did The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Raise In One Month?

Washington, D.C. (August 29, 2014): Donations as a result of the Ice Bucket Challenge have exceeded all expectations.Through Friday, August 29, […]

You Emptied The Bucket So Far, It’s Time To ‘Fill The Bucket’

Ice Bucket Challenge can be defined as the campaign that brought a new revolution in the field of charity. Apart […]

Jems Pradhan’s ‘Ma Hide Hai’ – A Selfie Music Video

Who according to you can be called ‘One Man Army’? Watch the latest music video by Jems Pradhan and you […]

Sipora Gurung – Highest Paid Kollywood Actress

Sipora Gurung is the queen of volleyball court becuase of her dedication and love towards the sport. Even the major […]

Celebrate Friendship With ‘Utsav’

The greatest gift of life is friendship and if you have friends who mean the world to you, well collect […]

‘Jhola’: Nepal’s Official Entry in Oscars

KATHMANDU, AUG 26: The film based on the story by litterateur Krishna Dharawasi – ‘Jhola’ has been selected as the […]

Fresh Tunes – ‘Mann’

A brand new melodious song has been served for the Nepali music lovers. The song is ‘Mann’ from Remanti Rai’s […]

Khusbu Mishra Crowned Miss Nepal USA

NEW YORK, AUG 23: The grand finale of Miss Nepal USA 2014 was held here in the evening of Saturday […]

Who nominated Dr. Baburam Bhattarai For the Ice Bucket Challenge?

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity which involves dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head to promote […]

Nepal’s Attempt to Break The World Record of ‘World’s Largest Human National Flag’

KATHMANDU, AUG 23: More than 35000 people gathered today here at Tudikhel to break the Guinness World Record for the […]

Highway to Dhampus: Trailer Released

A spoiled British heiress visits an orphanage in Nepal in an attempt to  clean up her image. Once she becomes […]

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