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Bhim Niraula’s Back With ‘Dancing All The Night’

Guess who’s back!! Yep, you got it right. It’s ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ guy Bhim Niraula with his latest Music […]

Happier Pokhara!!

Looks like Kathmandu and Pokhara are competing each other in the race of making Pharell Williams’ Happy cover video. After […]

Pokhara Looks Super HAPPY!!

And here comes the third Nepali cover video of Pharell Williams’ ‘Happy’. After two covers from Kathmandu – ‘Happy Kathmandu’ […]

Every “Man” Must See This

This commercial was posted on a website with the title “This is a commercial every woman should see” and has […]

Harmeet Singh’s ‘More Sultan Jiyo’ ft. Sahana Bajracharya

The latest youtube buzz is Indian singer Harmeet Singh’s new single ‘More Sultan Jiyo’ featuring Miss Nepal Earth 2010 Sahana […]

Nepali Celebs are HAPPY!

Seems like the trend of making cover videos for Pharell Williams’ Happy is never ending. More than 1500 cover videos […]

PSY & Snoop Dog

PSY goes viral again with Snoopy in HANGOVER


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