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In Conversation With Rishi Kandel | NRNA NCC Australia Election

NRNA NCC Australia election is in due course. Since inception, the main purpose of joining and renewing of the membership […]

Sanjita Pradhan: A Nepalese Gets Nominated By President Obama to Key Post

US President Barack Obama announced his intent to nominate fourteen individuals to key Administration posts on Saturday, one of them […]

In Conversation With…. Bhupendra Bhattarai

We have with us today: Bhupendra Bhattarai – a young, energetic, passionate and a very talented filmmaker. He is the […]

Meira Rai has been sketching you and you don’t even know!

Meira Rai, a Birgunj based illustrator, had been sketching you all this time and you were not even aware of […]

Ayushman Joshi

In Conversation With – Ayushman Joshi

A successful model till now, and now taking a step into the film industry with producer Sunil Rawal’s next venture […]

Malvika Subba - Miss Nepal 2002/ Actress/ Media Personality

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