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There Are Hidden Messages On The Pavements Of Kathmandu That Appear When It Rains

Two Kathmandu Girls, Shristi Dugar and Shreni Rajbhandary, have come up with an interesting and creative idea of spreading some […]

Soulmates: This Love Story Will Make You Believe In ‘Love’!

We have written quite a lot about the love stories of celebrity couples but we haven’t yet written about any […]

Explained: Who Exactly Is Mahabir Pun & What Does He Want?

You must have been hearing and reading a lot about Mahabir Pun lately; but do you know who exactly he […]

Srijana Regmi Might Be New To YouTube But She Has Earned Her Place Among The Bests Already!

Srijana Regmi was one of the most promising and the most favorite contestants in Miss Nepal pageant this year but […]

The Real Struggle Behind “Ta Bidesh Gayera Change Vayechas!” That Nobody Tells You About!

If you are living abroad, the chances are you have heard this line a lot of times; and if you […]

Nepali Social Ad Wins Creative Conscience Award For Best Advertisement In London

The winners of the Creative Conscience Awards for 2016 has beenĀ  announced and the Nepalese social commercial ‘Sabunman’ (Soap-Man) has […]

These Illustrations Perfectly Sum Up How Times Have Changed

Time flies; yes, it absolutely does. It seems like yesterday when we were in school and everything used to be […]

In Conversation With Jyotsna Yogi

Earlier this year, we had included Jyotsna Yogi in the list of the most promising newcomers who will be debuting […]

Vinay Shrestha Ties The Knot With His ‘Pirati Ko Chhata Odhaune’ Soulmate!

Actor Vinay Shrestha got married to his fiancee, Aney Thapa, on Monday in a ceremony held at his residence in […]

What Do Nepalese Think of ‘Premarital Sex’? Let’s See!

‘Nepal Reacts’ show had quite an interesting topic this week. Making it a little different than the other episodes, the […]

Sahana Bajracharya In Another Controversy, Here’s Our Take On It

You all definitely know by far about the new controversy Sahana Bajracharya has got herself into. The thing that started […]

Bartika Eam Rai Explains How Our Parents’ ‘Ridiculous’ Lessons Make More Sense As We Grow Up

Let’s just admit it, no matter how much we love our parents, we all get annoyed with them sometimes. Their […]

Exposed: The Big Fat Lie Shirish Kunder & Manoj Bajpayee Told At The Recent Press Conference

The controversy over Bob and Kriti has become more dramatic than any film with all kinds of twists and turns […]

Watch: Obama Acknowledges ‘Medication For Nepal’ At Global Entrepreneurship Summit

The seventh installment of Global Entrepreneurship Summit recently took place at Stanford University, Silicon Valley in United States on 23rd […]

‘Cartoonz Crew-Almoda Rana Uprety’ Beef Is Now Over, ‘Pani Paryo’ Dance Cover Is Back Online!

“Pani paryo, asina jharyo; dai ko rumaal, bhauju lai mann paryo” Remember this lovely song? Of course you do. This […]

Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Bob’ Director, Aneel Neupane

Aneel Neupane — you might have heard this name for quite a number of times in last couple of days. […]

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