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Nepali Actor Rajeev Bhusal To Play Lead In American Sitcom ‘Dating With Corey’

Australia based Nepali actor and filmmaker, Rajeev Bhusal, has been confirmed to play one of the lead roles in upcoming […]

P.S. Zindagi: The Web Series You Should Be Watching Right Now!

P.S. (Post Seismic) Zindagi is the first Nepali online sitcom that is currently streaming on YouTube. The web series that […]

This 43-Second Film Titled ‘Last Puff’ Has An Unexpected Twist Ending

What do you expect from a 43-second-video, in fact 30 seconds if we remove the credits? Not much, right? Like […]

Celebs React To: Agriculture Minister Weeping in Public After Watching A Film

You must have read and even seen the video of our Agriculture Minister, Haribol Gajurel, weeping like a child in […]

Celebs React: What If Wearing A Dhaka Topi All The Time is Made Compulsory?

Guys, we would like to let you know that from May 1st, 2016; it will be compulsory for every person […]

This Ad of CG’s New Resort ‘Meghauli Serai’ Shows The Beauty of Chitwan Amazingly!

Chaudhary Group is the largest business empire in Nepal and whatever they do, they make it grand. The group has […]

This is Pure Evil (But Extremely Hilarious)!!

  What would your reaction be like if a stranger messages you some random words which make no sense to […]

This Rajesh Hamal – Karishma Manandhar Song Sounds Absolutely Hilarious Without Music

Ever imagined how the title song of ‘Kina Kina’ starring Rajesh Hamal and Karishma Manandhar would sound like without music? […]

This 9 Minute Video Is The Sweetest Thing You Will Watch Today!

Sisan Baniya is one of the most natural Nepalese vloggers. His videos are not very fancy but every single one […]

You Probably Had This Conversation With Your Friend Recently, Like ‘Literally’

If we are not wrong, every circle of friends in Nepal at one time have planned about getting into agriculture […]

This ‘Patriotic’ Video Featuring Tirsana Budhathoki Is The Most WTF Thing You’ll See This Year!

We know you’ll be seeing quite a lot of ‘amazing’ things this year, such as Rishi Dhamala’s interviews and Bhim […]

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