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Remember The ‘Family Guy’ Episode That Told Us How Did Nepal Get Its Name?

All the recent memes about how different Nepali castes got their names made us nostalgic of the ‘Family Guy’ episode […]

Watch: First Episode Of Nepal Idol, Pokhara Auditions

The first episode of Nepal Idol that premiered on AP1 Television on April 14th has now been released online. The […]

This ‘Shape Of You’ Dance Cover Is Pretty Slick

Ever since Ed Sheeran dropped ‘Shape of You’ earlier this year, you must have listened to it like around thousand […]

‘Diarry’ Movie Promotional Music Video: Cartoonz Crew Dancing Their Way To Success

You and your dance group have made it big if a film’s promotional music video features your crew and not […]

Watch This 4-Minute Film For Some Dope Camera Work

‘Chase’ is a Nepali short film made in Australia. Nothing much happens in this four-minute film — there are only […]

Just A Quick Reminder That This Music Video Exists

There are two simple ways to be remembered for your work — either it should be extraordinarily good or it […]

#FuntasticParisGirls’ New Dance Choreography Has An Inspiring Message: Watch

We’ve loved seeing them dancing to the tunes of ‘Funtastic’ and ‘Nira Jaile Risaune’ songs so far; and now the […]

Sisan Baniya’s ‘Marpha’ Vlog Is Gorgeous: Watch

When you know your aerial footage are so dope…. You have to request people not to steal them. That’s Sisan […]

Parody Trailer Imagines Loot 2 Characters As Engineering Students & It’s Hilarious

This year’s most awaited Nepali film, Loot 2, is now not even a week away. The sequel to 2012 blockbuster […]

Coca-Cola Rolls Out Mo:Motsav Campaign With A Sweet Surprise For Couples On Valentines

Mo:Motsav is a popular campaign by Coca-Cola in Nepal that aims at owning ‘Momos best suit with Coke’ in the […]

This Short Film Gives A Recap Of The Blockade Days In A Sarcastic Way

2015 was one heck of year for the Nepalese people. The devastating earthquake followed by the economic blockade showed us […]

Watch The Next Dance Crew Killin’ It In Brijesh Shrestha’s Latest Music Video

There are quite a number of Nepali dance crews who are absolutely amazing and have been doing great lately. And […]

Slam Poet Spits Truth About How Religion Is Dividing Us Instead Of Uniting

The teachings of all the holy books of every other religion might be slightly different but one thing they all […]

Roadies Franchise In Nepal: Winner To Walk Away With 2 Million Cash & An Avenger Bike

Now we’re talking as some TV channels and producers are finally upping the game. After the audition dates for Nepal […]

Sisan Baniya Turns Rapper & Raps About Things He Should ‘Not’ Be Talking About

Vlogger Sisan Baniya who has so far been entertaining us with his funny videos, making us aware of certain things […]

After ‘Idol’ Franchise, We Hope It’s ‘MasterChef’ That Comes To Nepal Next

Popular international singing reality television reality show, Idol, is making its way to Nepal this year and people are going […]

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