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This Video Accurately Sums Up The Kinds Of ‘Bros’ We All Have

The term ‘bro’ is a short form for ‘brother’, or at least it’s supposed to be. But the term is […]

This 4-Minute Horror Film Will Chill You To The Bone

Have you ever  heard a knock on you door but when you opened it, you couldn’t find anyone? Are you […]

Watch: Kristal Klaws’ “Bau Bajeko” Creative Dance Cover

Arguably the most creative dance crew from Pokhara, Kristal Klaws Dance Crew, have come up with a new dance cover. […]

This Parody Of One Of The Most Clichéd Scenes In Nepali Films Is Hilarious: Watch

The protagonist walks into his love interest’s house to meet her dad. He: “Ma tapaiko chhori sang bihe garna chahanchu.” […]

This ‘Kahile Timro Pachhyaurima’ Parody Will Leave You In Splits

“Kaile Timro Pachhyaurima Aljhe’ was one of the most beautiful songs to have released in 2000s. The music for the […]

We Were Trying To Find Out Why Is That ‘Nira Jaile Risaune’ & Priyanka Karki Revealed The Secret!

Let me just quickly guess which song are your humming right now. 1… 2… 3… “NIRA!!!” Did I get it […]

Somebody Came Up With A Nepali Rendition Of ‘Love Me Like You Do’ & We Can’t Even! *Sigh*

2015 song ‘Love Me Like You Do’ was one of the most popular songs of the year, making it to […]

This Animated Short Film Is So Bad It’s Hilarious!

If there’s something we want to recommend you to watch today on internet, it’s this animation film. Wait wait wait, […]

People Were Asked To Sing The Old National Anthem, Had A Tough Time Remembering It!

On August 3, 2007; the new national anthem ‘Sayuan Thunga’ was officially announced to have replaced the old one titled […]

Raw Barz Is back With Its Fourth Season And Here’s The First Battle!

Alright, alright, alright!! Guess what, Nepal’s first rap battle series ‘Raw Barz’ is back with its fourth season. Hell yeah! […]

These Engineering Students’ Rendition Of ‘Jati Maya Laaye Pani’ Is Every Student’s Anthem!

Arun Thapa’s ‘Jati Maya Laaye Pani’ is one of the most iconic songs ever in the history of Nepali music. […]

Samriddhi Rai Drops First Episode of ‘Sammy Adventures’ & It’s Amaaazing!

The wait is finally over as Nepal’s first web adventure series has arrived. Yes, you got it right, Sammy and […]

We’re Pretty Sure You Had No Idea About These Six Laws in Nepal

They say “Nepal ko kanun, daiba le janun” (only god knows the laws of Nepal) but we bet even god […]

Kathmandu Girl Asks Strangers Where She Can Find Condoms, Gets Pretty Awkward Reactions

According to the latest report by National Centre For AIDS and STD Control, there are 26,702 (16,705 male, 9938 female […]

‘Singha Durbar’ Kicks Off And It Looks Very Promising | Watch Now

The much awaited Nepali television series ‘Singha Durbar’ premiered on NTV on Sunday, November 15th and we can’t help appreciating […]

This Video Will Make All The Nepalese 90s Kids Nostalgic For The Good Old Days

Don’t you just miss living in the 90s? Of course you do. Weren’t we all used to be so happy […]

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