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Watch: Kristal Klaws’ “Bau Bajeko” Creative Dance Cover

Arguably the most creative dance crew from Pokhara, Kristal Klaws Dance Crew, have come up with a new dance cover. […]

LeoAries Drop Debut Single That Will Give You An Eargasm

LeoAries is a duo of Spirit X’s guitarist and vocalist Abhishek S. Mishra, and former Underside drummer Bbek Tamang who […]

This Is The Best & Most Powerful 1-Minute Nepali Short Film Ever. Period.

Filmmakers make a 2-hour feature film but many of them still can’t deliver what they wanted to say through the […]

Trishala Gurung & Swoopna Suman Beautifully Pull Off ‘Ukaali Chadhaula’ Cover

It might look like singing a cover song is easy and many people may think that it doesn’t need much […]

Slam Poet Spits Truth About How Religion Is Dividing Us Instead Of Uniting

The teachings of all the holy books of every other religion might be slightly different but one thing they all […]

Hey There, Can You Please Just Let People Choose Which Films They Want To Watch, And Not Judge Them?

The easiest way to become an anti-nationalist in Nepal is by watching a Bollywood film and writing about it on […]

Nepali Origin Rapper Makes It To Finals Of Belgian Talent Show

Mamita Setling; a Nepali origin rapper more popular by her stage name Amazumi, formerly known as Zulu Moon; has made […]

12 Blogging Tips For Newbie Nepali Bloggers

I was recently interviewed by GundrukPost and lexlimbu and both of them had asked me if I have any advice […]

1-Day Nepali Film Festival To Be Held In Bangalore In February

A 1-day Nepali film festival is to be soon held in Bangalore, India. The event organized by Nepalese In Bangalore […]

This Dancer’s Performance Of ‘Thamel Bazar’ In A Public Event Is The New Low

Generally, we’re very open to art, in whatever form it might be. And we do realize that sometimes an art […]

Nepal To Host Its First International Pageant In March

Nepal has been sending its delegates to all over the world to participate in various international beauty pageants since decades […]

8 Things About Love We Learned From Subin Bhattarai’s Novels

Author Subin Bhattarai’s first book was an anthology of short stories called ‘Kathaki Patra’ that was published in 2011. But […]

The 10 Most Spectacular Nepali Singers Who Make Sensational Music Abroad

Hey there, what is it about Nepal that makes you feel super duper proud? Is it Mt. Everest, or the […]

It’s Official, Mira Rai Is 2017 National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year

National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award is coming to Nepal for the second consecutive time. And this time, it’s […]

Fresh Tunes: This Math Rock Song By ‘Haami’ Is Extremely Beautiful!

Haami, a math rock band from Nepal , have just released a new music video for their instrumental song titled […]

Kathmandu Girl Teaches Eve Teasers A Serious Lesson They Will Never Forget

Eve teasing, also called as street harassment, is becoming more and more common phenomenon in South Asia. The social disaster […]

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