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Debate: What Is Net Neutrality, How Is It Being Violated In Nepal & What Are The Consequences

Ncell launched ‘Facebook Free’ offer for its subscribers in February for next three months. Under the offer, all of the […]

Kameshwor Chaurasiya Finally Has A Powerful Role In This New Rekha Thapa Film

Remember Kameshwor Chaurasiya? May be you don’t and that’s not your fault at all. He hasn’t actually played a major […]

Yama Buddha’s Last Album ‘Khatra’ Has Finally Been Released

2017 was expected to be a great year for rapper Yama Buddha. Not only was he going to release his […]

Here’s A Beautiful Ghazal For You Because You Deserve A Melodious Day!

Hey there, how’s the day treating you so far? No matter if you’re having a good, or not so good […]

This Tabla Cover Of Animals As Leaders’ The Woven Web Is Insanely Good

‘The Woven Web’ is one of the twelve songs from Animals As Leaders’ 2014 album ‘The Joy of Motion’. The […]

Second Song From Yama Buddha’s ‘Khatra’ Album Released

The first song from Yama Buddha’s last album ‘Khatra’ was released in January this year. The song titled ‘Taaj’ has […]

5-Year-Old Dibyani Khadka’s Battle For Cancer Needs Your Helping Hands

Dibyani Khadka, a 5-year-old girl battling cancer, is currently in need of your help and support. The LKG student at […]

For Absolutely No Reason At All, #DearDumbDaya Is Suddenly A Thing Now!

Social media is quite amusing, and at the same time, quite a weird place. You never know what’s going to […]

Check Out The Lineup For Women In Concert 2017

If you’re a concertgoer, you might have noticed that almost half, and sometimes even more, attendees at music events are […]

Here’s Your Chance To Get Paid For Traveling Across Europe, Apply NOW!

Ever dreamed of traveling across the world? Of course you did, we all do. And what if we tell you […]

Muna Gauchan Is The Face Of Classic Diamond 2017

In the grand finale held at Heritage Garden in Lalitpur on Saturday, Muna Gauchan bagged the title of Face of […]

8 Nepali ‘Stoner’ Songs To Get You In The ‘Maha Shivaratri’ Vibe

Maha Shivaratri, which literally translates to ‘the Great Night of Shiva’, is one of the many Hindu festivals. The festival […]

Sisan Baniya’s ‘Marpha’ Vlog Is Gorgeous: Watch

When you know your aerial footage are so dope…. You have to request people not to steal them. That’s Sisan […]

‘Love Love Love’ Trailer: Swastima Won’t Let This New Guy Come Out Of The Friendzone

“Girlfriend” and “girl friend”, the little space that you see in the latter word, that’s called the friendzone. In simpler […]

Meghauli Serai Named Among World’s Best New Hotels

Travel + Leisure, one of the leading travel magazines, recently released its 2017 “It List” of the top new and […]

Amazumi Drops Music Video For ‘V For Venom’

Mamita Setling aka Amazumi has just released the music video for her latest single titled ‘V For Venom’. The Nepali […]

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