Dude, they’ve got Sanket Mhatre dubbing for Hindi version of Prem Geet 3

If you watch Prem Geet 3 in Hindi (whenever it comes out), you would most probably wonder why Pradeep Khadka sounds so familiar ’cause he would sound a lot like some of the most popular South Indian stars like Ram Charan, NTR Jr, Allu Arjun and Vijay Deverakonda. He might also remind you of Ryan Reynolds, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Matt Damon, Vin Diesel or Will Smith. Let me tell you a secret, you won’t be wrong about that.

The (Hindi) voice behind all of those stars (and many more) has actually dubbed for the Hindi Version of the third installment of the hit film series.

A new video by Aasusen Films, the banner producing the film, revealed that the film will come out in Hindi as well and some of the most popular voice over actors in India are working on it. Apart from Mhatre, one of the highest paid voice artists in India; Pooja Punjabi, too, is lending her voice in the film — most probably to the lead actress Kristina Gurung’s character.

This video takes us to the studio in Mumbai where the dubbing took place.

If the corona thing didn’t happen, Prem Geet 3 would have released last year. I don’t know if the makers had thought about doing the Hindi version of the film back then or not and if it’s something they came up with during the pandemic; well, kudos, that was some good use of the shitty time.

Anyway, I think it’s gonna be a good one and I am actually looking forward to it — both the original and Hindi versions.

Anyone else excited about the film?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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