This ‘Batash’ Dance Cover Could Totally Be the Official Music Video

I know you’ve had enough of Batash already but you gotta watch this. ‘Tis good.

The best thing about releasing your music on the internet is that it reaches corners of the world that you might have not even heard of, and the people that might not even know the language. Read the comments on the song by Shashwot Khadka and you would know what I am talking about.

With almost 10 mil views on the video-sharing platform in less than three months, ‘Batash’ is one of the most popular Nepali songs to have come out this year. No wonder, there are numerous covers and dance covers. Now here’s one that I recently came across and liked.

Done by Flash Dance Universe, the video is a work of dancers based in Darjeeling. Starring Yeshi Dolma Sheling, Ayush Thapa, Nikhil Tamang along with Adarsha Mukhia who has also choreographed the set; the cover video is directed by Rabi Hang Rai and edited by Sherab Wangchuk Tamang.


Good work, fellas.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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