‘Dhaka-Dhoti’ Rappers Release ‘Ek’ Music Video

The duo that gave one of the most loved rap songs of the year, ‘Dhaka Dhoti‘, is back with a brand new track.

Make some noise, fellas! D1 and Vyoma are back together with yet another patriotic rap song and this time, you can hear them spit in Nepali as well. The song called ‘Ek’, as the title suggests, is about unity. Unlike their last hit, the song doesn’t only have Awadhi but Nepali verses too.

Written and performed by the two rappers, the beat for the track mixed and mastered by Manu Khadka is produced by Birendra Keshari. The music video, that’s very similar to their last one, is shot by Christ Warriors, edited by Rohit Thapa and directed by Vyoma himself.

While the two have stuck to the same theme, the song has still turned out to be pretty good. I wish to see them come up with something different soon, though. For now, here’s ‘Ek’.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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