Battle Rappers, Up for an Online Rap Battle Tournament?

Oh, so you can rap? But the question is, can you battle rap? If you just answered with a “Fuck yeah!”, this is for you.

Rapper-producer Ktm Souljah along with RJ and emcee, Nita Pradhananga have come up with this new concept of an online rap battle tournament called Sabda Sangram.

Here’s how it works. You gotta email a clip of you spitting 16 bars to [email protected] and wait to hear from them. If you’re among the 16 rappers to be selected, your Sabda Sangram journey starts. You can submit your audition clip between Saturday, May 30 to Friday, June 5. Seven days, that’s all you got.

Don’t matter where you at, you can be part of it from wherever you are — you just gotta spit in Nepali or English. The battles will be up on Skathi Records channel on YouTube; you prolly know that channel by a number of Arthur Gunn and Ankit Shrestha performances among other tracks.

Ktm Souljah, who is also the lead vocalist of this awesome band called Tumbleweed Inc; and Nita, who is one of the few RJs promoting the Nepali rap scene on mainstream radio, will be your judges with of course, the help from the audiences. Mero Mazzako Karyalaya will be looking after the production of the show.

So, what’s in it for you? A cash prize.

“Here’s to the rappers and the hip hop hustlers! Get ready to up your game in the new normal! Sabda Sangram is here for you. Let’s give something new to the internet”, says their press release.

“Let’s revolutionize the customs. We are here embracing the change, making the best of it. There’ no gender or age bar, if you got the words and rhythm, then this is it. Let those emotions come out. Let it out for everyone and to inspire change. Female emcees are encouraged to participate.”

You heard ’em, fellas. What you waiting for? Go, get your bars ready! Make the internet go….

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Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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