Sudin Pokharel ‘DA69’ Drops ‘Josh’ Music Video

Asif Shah released a new single last week. DA69 dropped one today. Can we please have one from Aidray, too?

On November 11th, 2011; Sudin Pokharel left for Australia, leaving behind his 13-year-long music career and 11-year-long television career. In a recent interview with PartyNepal magazine, the ‘She is the Bomb’ hitmaker had admitted the trio, The Unity, that he is part of, was financially broke even when they were in their prime.

“The music industry was not doing well back then. There were no concerts and even though we, The Unity, were at the top, we were financially broke. Television was my passion, and music was my life; but then it was time to be practical and move on.”

After all these years, DA69 has finally made a comeback. His latest song is called ‘Josh’. Mistah Chamling has produced, mixed and mastered the track, and the music video is a work of Raj Rana.

May the ‘Josh’ always be there.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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