“Maya Jo Sanga Ni Huna Sakcha, Maya Jasto Ni Huna Sakcha”

2019 has been quite a year in terms of LGBTIQ representation in pop culture. Sajjan Raj Vaidya’s ‘Hataarindai Bataasindai‘ music video, Priyanka Karki’s new web series, Samragyee RL Shah starrer ‘Maruni’ — a lot of stories that were never heard are now being told in a number of different ways. The newest in the list is a song by Ktaharu.

This one’s called ‘Nare Nisha’, a track from the band’s debut album ‘Galat Nirnaya’. “Maya jo sanga ni huna sakcha, maya jasto ni huna sakcha“, sings the main vocalist Milan Neupane. The music video; a work of Asim Banstola, Pradip Dhakal and Aviv Adhikari; features dozens of beautiful people just having a good time.

Prasong Rupacha, Prasanna Shah, Nischal Shrestha and Manish Naubagh complete the five-member band’s lineup.

This is a good one.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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