Listen to Rahul Rai’s Soulful Voice, Again: Tribal Rain’s New Song Released

So, this is what they mean when it’s said that an artist never dies.

The news of Rahul Rai’s demise had come as an absolute shock in February last year. The frontman of Tribal Rain was not only a beloved artist in the Nepali speaking community in India but he had also started to make a name for himself here in Nepal as well with songs like ‘Bhanai’, ‘Narisauna’ and ‘Jiunu Nai Hola’, among others.

The Sikkim-based band has now released a new music video for a track called ‘Sahara’. Written, composed and sung by Rahul; the music is produced by Live and Loud Records. The music video is a work of Fuzz Factory Productions.

“For many of us this may come as a painful reminder of our loss , and yet it is also as much a celebration of what we had, and what we still have and will forever remain”, reads the description of the song on Live and Loud Record’s YouTube channel.

“We at Cafe Live and Loud and The Live and Loud Records take the pleasure of releasing this Song and the Music Video in the loving memory of our brother Rahul Rai. We do this as a mark of respect for our super talented brother, and also to encourage many other Rahul’s from Sikkim , that maybe simply waiting to bloom.”



Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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