Saruk Tamrakar’s Short Film Starring Shristi Shrestha is Your Dose of Horror

Saruk Tamrakar might not be an extremely popular actor (yet) but he sure is a talented one.

His debut film ‘Rani’ didn’t really do well at the box office but he found his first hit in his next film ‘Intu Mintu Londonma’. The guy has been making some good shorts as well. Last year, he came up with this film called ‘In Transm15sion‘ which was actually a good flick. And now he is here with a new one.

His latest work is ‘Hide’, a short horror film, that stars ‘Gajalu’ actress Shristi Shrestha and a child actor, Arnav Shrestha. Directed by Saruk, the film conceptualized by Hem Poudyal is shot by Nishon Shakya and edited by Saruk himself along with Kerr Koinch Linuch.

While the eight-minute film does look like it’s inspired by the popular two-sentence horror story by a Reddit user and the one-minute short ‘Tuck Me In‘ (2014) based on that story; the Saruk Tamrakar film is still impressive.

Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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