‘Summer Love’ Isn’t As Bad As The Lead Actor’s Expressions

With great confusion, I entered QFX Pokhara last Saturday. Confused ’cause I was there to watch ‘Summer Love’. Confused ’cause I wanted to watch the film and confused ’cause I didn’t watch the film. You feel me? NO? That’s alright.

Ever since I read the Subin Bhattarai novel (must be about five years back), I wished somebody made a film on it despite knowing that most of the adapted films ruin the books.

And then it happened. In 2015, they announced that the book will take the shape of a film and started looking for the actors to play the characters of the much loved Atit and Saya. Months later, when the makers revealed that a newcomer named Ashish Piya will play the lead; I was like, “Okay”. I wasn’t really sure if he was the correct choice to play Atit Sharma, and after watching the film, I am convinced – he wasn’t the best choice after all.

The film directed by ‘Nai Na Vannu La 3’ director Muskan Dhakal opened in theatres last Friday. The promotional content – a teaser, a trailer and a song – had been released in last couple of weeks and honestly, they didn’t make me wanna anticipate the film much. But as a book fan, I had to watch the film anyway — to at least find out how much damage they did.

To my surprise, the film didn’t suck as much as I thought it would. It’s not a great film, and it’s not bad either. They could have done better with the casting of the lead pair, though. Like I said, Ashish felt miscast in the part. The makers should have cast someone who could at least grow a beard. He looked weird with that fake moustache and beard. Also, he always looked like he was about to cry (even when he was smiling and laughing).

Rewati Chetri, on the other hand, is comparatively better. Although her Saya is actually “pitho jasto gori, model jasti agli’ — not resembling to what we read about the character; she has managed to make her character look convincing enough.

Despite ‘Summer Love’ marking her acting debut in Nepali cinema, she isn’t new to films as the Assamese model-turned-actress had already worked in a regional film titled ‘Gangs of North East’ before she got roped in to play Saya.

Another important character, Sushmita, is portrayed by Namrata Sapkota and she has done a good job. Suraj Singh Thakuri as the writer that the story is narrated to, Sishir Bhandari as Atit’s best friend and Saroj Khanal as Atit’s father; have done justice to their roles.

Overall, the makers have put in a good effort in making the film. It’s not a flawless film but it doesn’t really ruin the novel. 2.5 stars from me.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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