Wild+ Drop ‘Mood’ Music Video

They are back. The sickest duo from Dallas is back!!

Wild+ released a 20-track mixtape (stream it HERE) titled ‘Parkhai’ last year. With over a million views on YouTube, theĀ title track from the mixtape has proved to be their biggest hit so far.

The duo of Bipul Dahal and Janam Rana – who are originally from Kathmandu and are currently based in Texas – has now released a fresh single with a trippy music video. Titled ‘Mood’; the song is about, well, getting high, making music and living life the way you want to.

“Nephop ko baato bhanda tadha mero vision.”

The beat is produced by Alexx and the music video is produced by LXGND. Here it is.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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