Trishna Gurung Recreates The Magic of Gurung Film Soundtrack ‘Maya Pirati’ in Nepali

If you’re a Gurung, you probably have listened to this song. If you’re from Pokhara (or have lived here long enough – more particularly in the early 2010s), you have definitely listened to it. It played on all local channels (most of the people didn’t have a Dish Home connection back then, meaning they had a cable connection with all the local channels available) and if you didn’t catch it on television, the chances are – you saw a Deusi/Bhailo crew dance to it in Tihar.

The song we are talking about is, you know it already , ‘Maya Pirati Theno Sira Mathi’ – a soundtrack from Gurung film ‘Presyo’. Written by Ekendra Tamu, the song is sung by Dhan Bahadur Tamu and Kusum Tamusyo.


The beautiful song now has a Nepali rendition, created by Trishna Gurung. “When I first heard this song I fell in love with it. I wanted this song to reach each and every individual, but since it was in Gurung language, I came up with the idea of making cover song in Nepali language”, she says.

The ‘Gaine Dajai’ singer-songwriter has done a wonderful job, and she has done absolute justice to the original. No wonder, in just two weeks, the song has received over 1.4 million views on YouTube and is currently (as of June 26) among the top five trending videos in Nepal.

Gurung has also made it clear that she hasn’t monetized this video on YouTube and the reason behind doing this cover is to preserve a traditional song.

Enjoy this amazing number.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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