‘Romeo & Muna’ Trailer: The Three-eyed CGI Creature Looks Pretty Impressive

Having released four video songs – ‘Dancema Ma Ek Number’, ‘Sandwich Me’, ‘ Pal Pal’ and ‘Bhedetar Ghumaula’ – in last few months; the makers of ‘Romeo & Muna’ have now released the theatrical trailer of the film.

The three-minute trailer introduces us to a spoiled brat — a womanizer, played by Vinay Shrestha, who seems to have returned to Nepal from the US (most probably because his mother can’t stop asking him to get married to a girl of her choice) — well, nothing new. Shristi Shrestha, the former Miss Nepal who debuted with ‘Gajalu’ in 2016, then comes into the scene. She plays (or at least it looks like) the character of an art student who is a huge fan of the legendary Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and his works. The trailer tells us that she hates the character of Vinay Shrestha at first; and we won’t be surprised to see her fall in love with him later in the film. Again, nothing new that we haven’t seen already!

However, there’s something that interests us in the film. This bad guy…


Yep, a three-eyed CGI creature.

We have hardly seen any of such creatures in Nepali films and it’s actually pretty impressive that the makers were brave enough to experiment.


We reckon this character probably doesn’t have any relevance to the main story; and is limited to Shristi’s character’s imagination only because it definitely is a work of hers. See this.



Anyway, whatever role the creature plays, it sure looks good.

The film; that also stars Surakshya Panta, Prajwal, Sujal Giri and Sushma Karki; is produced by Prasanna Man Gopali, Rosy Shrestha, Ram Sharma and Kabin Shakya under the banners of V Motion Pictures, PMG Pictures and KS Productions. Directed by Naresh Kumar KC, the film is scheduled to hit the theaters on July 27th.

Here’s the trailer.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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