New Music: Bartika Eam Rai, Yodda, Ulson Shrestha, Kramasha Nepal & More

Just in case you were afraid you missed some good music that came out in recent days; don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here are some of the Nepali songs that were released online in past few days. 

Yaadharu – Bartika Eam Rai

Bartika released the third single off of her second studio album ‘Taral‘ on Friday. Titled ‘Yaadharu’, in her own words, “This song is about displacement, failure to relate to the immediate surrounding and a perpetual homesickness.” It took her almost three years to put out the song because she “never released it in hopes of it getting better” or her “guitar skills getting better for that matter.” And well, she confesses, “None of that happened.” Anyway, we’re glad she finally did decide to release it. She dedicates the song to “anybody and everybody away from home or longing for one.”

Written, composed and sung by Bartika herself; the music is produced by Diwas Gurung, who has also mastered the track.


Sansar Ko Sab Vanda Daami – Yodda

Well, this one’s not really a new song; but as it has just been released on YouTube, we cannot not feature it here because it’s a freaking good number.

‘Sansar Ko Sab Vanda Daami’ is a track from Yodda’s second EP ‘Nakab‘ that he released last year. While the album is available on almost all the major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music and iTunes; the UK based rapper is now releasing the singles on YouTube as well.

The beat for the song is produced by Don P. Listen to it here.

Kurera Baschu – Swoopna Suman

This one came out last week. Titled ‘Kurera Baschu’; the song is written, composed and performed by Swoopna Suman. The track, that features Manice Gandarva on Sarangi, is arranged by Firoj Bajracharya.


Huri Aayo – Ulson Shrestha

Ulson Shrestha released his debut music video last week. One of the top ten contestants in the first season of Nepal Idol, the singer’s first original single is called ‘Huri Aayo’. Written and composed by Ulson himself; the song is arranged by Hercules Basnet and mixed by Ujwal Shreyan Mahat. The music video, that features Aanchal Sharma and Inzamam Ali Khan, is shot by Suresh Nepali, edited by Dinson Shah, and directed by Nitin Chand.

Watch it here.

Daily Routine – Kramasha Nepal

‘Daily Routine’ is a track from Kramasha Nepal’s debut album ‘Malai Baal‘. The stoner song comes with an animated lyrical video produced by thaplekira. It’s a fun song.

Timi – Yugal Gurung

Why is Yugal Gurung so underrated? Like seriously, this guy creates such beautiful music. His latest work is called ‘Timi’, and it’s so, so, soooo good. The music video starring Gaumaya Gurung is done by Awesh Gurung.

For real, this one’s a real gem. See for yourself.

Kasari Bhanu Ma – John x Namdung-A

‘Kasari Bhanu Ma’ was the last work of John Magar who passed away in S. Korea last year, after he returned from Nepal having recorded the song. He had worked on the song along with Anit Rai aka Namdung-A; and the two were planning to do a music video for it. But then the unfortunate incident took place. And now after over a year of John’s demise, a music video has been released in remembrance of the late artist.

The beat for the R&B/HipHop song is produced by Sunuhang Limbu; and the track is mixed and mastered by Chronic Beatz. The music video featuring Anjana Lama and Aashish Subedi is shot, edited, and directed by Deepak Bomjan.


Enjoy, y’all!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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