Ashok Darji, The Kid Who Can’t Stop Singing ‘Saili’, Now Has An Original Song

Interviewer: La bhai, euta geet gaau.
Kid: Suna saili, saili….

You’ve probably already guessed who we are talking about.

Ashok Darji, the kid who IS MAKING ‘SAILI’ POPULAR AGAIN (even after over a year of the song’s release), can now sing his original song if someone asks him to sing something.

If you’ve spent some time on YouTube in last one month, you know who this kid is. The video-sharing platform is full of his interviews – most of which have almost half a million views. His first video surfaced online last year in November. The clip showed him singing some Nepali and Hindi songs. And this year, he has been getting more and more attention.

Tanka Budathoki, a music director, recently got the kid from Jhapa to Kathmandu where he recorded his first ever song. It’s now out, with a music video — well, an unnecessarily long music video that’s more like a documentary.

The song is called ‘Mann Bina Ko Dhan’ and it’s written by Bi Raaj Nepal. Sung by Ashok Darji along with Tanka Budathoki; the music for the song is composed by Budathoki himself. Turns out, this good guy Tanka is helluva multi-talented. Apart from singing and composing music, he has also arranged, mixed and mastered the track. That’s not it, he has also edited and directed the music video shot by Bhupendra Tumbahamphe.

Dude knows his stuff, eh?

Anyway, here’s the video.

They should have totally got rid of the behind the shoot part; and should have posted it as another video.

Talking about Ashok, the kid dropped out of school when he was studying in grade 2. Good thing, a school in Urlabari has given him a scholarship and he will be going to school again. Yayy!!

See, social media is important.

Good going, kid. Stay in school.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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