This Short Film Will Make You Say “Whoa!” When You Watch it a Second Time

Here’s a short film we want you to watch – twice.

Khoi? is a short film that’s shot from a cellphone. A work of Aayam Artwork, the 3-minute film – starring Barsha Dahal, Neesha Dhungana, Menuka Gautam, Anish Thakuri, Abhishek Khatiwada and Ayush Dhakal – is written, shot and directed by Meelan.

The film is about, well, let’s not spoil that for you yet. Here, watch it first and then we shall talk about it.

Go, watch it again. This time, listen carefully to every single line said by the characters.

Alright, now we’re assuming that you’ve watched the film. In case you haven’t, watch it and then read on — because SPOILERS AHEAD!

So, the film opens with people (the public) who have no idea about ‘something’ as all of them answer with a no — thaha chhaina. Then there’s a group of people putting up notice about their missing “friends.” They then come across a person who surprisingly has answers to all of their questions and know where everyone is who they are looking for.

According to her, Dharma (religion) is busy trying to settle some issues with his “siblings” and Bikash (development) is struggling hard in Gulf nation. On the other hand; Asmita (dignity) has been sold while Bibek (wisdom) is too busy on social media. Likewise, Samriddhi (prosperity) is in a coma post the 2015 earthquake; and Sapna (dream) has been enslaved. Ekata (unity) doesn’t really know which side she is on – she’s always changing sides. And Kala (art) isn’t creative enough as she is always engaged in trying to copy others instead of creating anything new.

“Kala chhimeki ko nakkal gardaima byasta chhe. Sala Nakkali!!”

The person, however, doesn’t answer to the question about Shanti (peace) and in the end, it turns out that the person is none other than Shanti herself who started to suffocate and left the place — in the hope that she shall return someday when everything is good again — and the day hasn’t come yet.

DAMN! That’s deep.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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