Sammy Adventures S02E01: Take A Trip To Mardi Himal With Samriddhi Rai

Last night’s premiere of the first episode of the second season of ‘Sammy Adventures’ might have left some television audiences wondering about the first season of the show. And that’s because the first season was never on television.

Singer-songwriter-emcee-pageant girl-media personality Samriddhi Rai has returned with yet another season of her adventure series which is no more a web series but a legit television show now. Unlike the previous season, ‘Sammy Adventures’ is now on television and the first episode aired on Kantipur TV last night (May 10).

The episode has Samriddhi along with two of her friends – filmmaker Milan Thapa, and fitness instructor Samrat Magar¬†who will soon be making his film debut with a Namrata Shrestha movie titled ‘Xira’ – taking on a trip to Mardi Himal.

Right after she completed her 5-day trek for this particular episode in November last year, NeoStuffs had talked to her about the experience. “I literally can’t feel my legs as I speak to you right now”, she had said. “People keep saying how I have so much fun, which is true, but they don’t see the effort and the hard work. Yesterday, we had to walk 18 hours straight because of the heavy snowfall,” she had shared her behind the scene experience.

Well, after the episode is finally out now, we can totally see what she was talking about. “It is the spirit of overcoming obstacles like heat, cold or fatigue to finally be able to be close to the beauty of Nepal that we’re so blessed to have. I just want people all over the world and especially Nepalis to see the beauty of country through the show. I want them to feel ‘if Sammy made it, so can I’ and take their family and friends and go explore. That’s my mission,” says the ‘Prayas’ singer who has also been working on her studio album.

The episode has now been released online as well. Watch it here.

The 12-episode series airs every Thursday at 9 PM on Kantipur TV.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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