Watch: Monkey Temple’s Playmobil Music Video For ‘Sadhai Bhari’

After the success of various Lego movies; the popular German toy line Playmobil, too, are following them to the big screen. One of the world’s most successful toy brands, Playmobil’s first animated feature film is being directed by Disney veteran Lino DiSalvo, the head of animation on the 2013 blockbuster ‘Frozen’.

As the film is to drop in 2019, and there’s still some time left; here’s a Nepali Playmobil-based music video you can enjoy for the time being.

Monkey Temple have released the music video for ‘Sadhai Bhari’, a song from their third studio album that was recorded back in 2014. “We hadn’t released the song online until now, and so I thought of uploading it with a video”, the band’s frontman Sareen Deoja told NeoStuffs. “I have always been fascinated by creative Playmobil and Lego videos and I wanted to make one myself. And since we recently bought a Playmobil set for our son, I went with this idea.”

The music video is a result of Deoja and his wife Salya Howald’s collaborative work. “I came up with the storyboard and the setup; and almost the entire video was shot on top our dining table and couch except the boat scene that was taken on a lake-shore. The camera was my wife’s department and she shot most of the scenes. I worked on the edits, and we sat together for color grading”, he further said.

The song written, composed and sung by Deoja is mixed and mastered by Bishal Rai. This particular song features Prawol Bhattarai on guitar, Pratap Risal on drums and Bijay Shrestha on bass.

Here’s the interesting music video.


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