Now Here’s A Love Song That’s Actually Pretty Realistic

Ever wondered why love songs are so impractical? Like seriously, who says stuff like these to their partners: “timro lagi taara todi lyauchu“, “timro laagi jyaan dinchu, “timro laagi saat samundra tari dinchu” and other shit like this? Of course, there are people that would do or say anything to get laid, but still – not very practical, eh?

Anyway, just in case you wondered the same and wished there were songs that didn’t sound too unrealistic, it’s your lucky day.

Chirag Singh Khadka, whose stage name is 5:55, has come up with a song called ‘Maya’ and as the title suggests, it’s a love song – but a realistic one. With Khadka himself on vocals and ukulele, the track has Bhaskar Raj Uprety on guitar; and it is mixed and mastered by Kismat.

Maya is a soul rap song that tells the story of a modern relationship”, the independent artiste from Kathmandu describes the song. “I love experimenting with art in different ways; and that’s how I came up with the song – trying to write something new. I just wrote what I felt like. I was just being myself.”

The song comes with a low-budget music video where you can see the two guys playing music somewhere in the woods. It’s shot by Prasanna Singh Bhandari and edited by KADDA Production. Here it is. Enjoy!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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