A Thirsty Momo Comes To Life In This Rap Video

Somebody help us figure out what’s going on in this song.

If you’ve been a Nepali HipHop fan for a long time, you probably know who Saurav Dekota is. The US based emcee, who goes by the rap name of CYC, has been in the game from the early 2000s. But it had been quite some time since he took a break from HipHop, until he became part of Raw Barz USA last year. According to Kolin Bikram Rana, the CEO of Raw Barz, CYC was the winner of the 2017 season of the rap battle league.

Post his Raw Barz stint, he became part of a cypher that also featured various other Nepali rap artists based in the US. And finally, making his much awaited comeback; he dropped a single this week. And well, what do we say, it’s about one of the few things that Nepalese can’t ever get enough of. You guessed it right, it’s about momos and it’s called ‘Momo Lover’.

“Although momo is one of the  most appreciated things in Nepali life and cuisine, no one had yet made a song professing their love for momos. And that’s why I thought of making it”, the emcee shares. “My wife is the inspiration for this video as she is a great cook and she makes the tastiest momos in the world.”

Many people might not notice, and they might find this one a simple happy song from a happy momo lover, but the song is actually full of witty double entendres. It’s a conversation between a person who would marry a momo if it was a person [“I wish momo was my wife”] and a momo itself that actually comes to life. And the conversation gets a little ‘steamy’ at times.

“Just wrap me up daddy and fill me with meat”, the momo tells its lover. “I need the best chef, use your fingers a lot, yeah pinch me right, ooh you hitting the spot”, it makes you wonder what its intentions are.

The momo (more like the momo-shaped dough) looks like one of the characters from comedy web series ‘Annoying Orange’ by Dane Boedigheimer; and it never stops talking about how thirsty it is. “Damn I’m getting so moist with all this jhol.”

Anyway, it’s a fun song that does get weird sometimes, and it has an amusing music video. Watch it here.

Alright, who wants one?


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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