‘Ganja Ko Sahara’ Singer’s New Song Is About Alcohol Addiction

People hardly knew who Bikyy Karki was until he put out his single ‘Ganja Ko Sahara‘ last year.

The song has garnered over 2.7 million views on YouTube in less than eight months. The song, that’s about a guy who has got addicted to marijuana post his breakup, has been received well by the music lovers and comment section on the video-sharing platform is filled with words of appreciation and praises.

The singer-songwriter is back with a new single; and well, looks like the character from his previous song still hasn’t been able to move on as he is now addicted to a lot of other stuff as well – in an attempt to reduce the pain he’s feeling . The song is called ‘Dherai Raksi Piunchu Aaja Kaal’ and it’s written, composed and performed by Bikyy himself. Rikesh Gurung has worked on sound designing, and Ujjwal Shreyan Mahat has mixed the track. The song comes with a lyrical video¬† – that has a sketch by Ashok Thapaliya with the graphic designing by Ektaare.

“This song is dedicated to all the people out there who have lost their dear ones”, says Bikyy.

Here it is.

Somebody needs to hook him up with someone else; dude needs to move on. FOR REAL.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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