Deepak Bajracharya’s New Song Is An Absolute Delight, Watch The Colorful Video

Deepak Bajracharya’s new music video is a celebration of the rich Newari culture.

The ‘Oh Amira’ singer-songwriter had recently appeared on Kantipur TV’s It’s My Show where he was asked by the host Suraj Singh Thakuri about the reason behind the break he took from music for a while. To which he had answered that few years back he had a show abroad which was attended not only by the Nepalese living there but the locals as well. After the show was over, some unsatisfied locals came to him and said that the instruments (guitars, drums) that he played aren’t Nepali instruments; and questioned him the genuine Nepali music. And that actually made him think about it deeply. He then took his time to study and research more about the actual Nepali instruments and music.

And well, that shows in his latest single. 

The song is called ‘Man Magan’ and it has a number of Nepali instruments like dhimemadal, and sarangi used. “Man Magan is not only a song but a reflection of the culture, tradition & heritage of Nepal”, the song’s description on YouTube reads. “The Nepali ethnic instruments have been used for generations for playing in traditional festivals, jatras and rituals of Nepal such as Kumari Jatra, Pulu Kishi Jatra, Jhyaure Dance, Ghintang Kishi, Chaliya Dance, Jhakri Dnace, Lakhey Dance, Dhime Dance and much more.”

Penned by Ricky Shakya, the song sung by Deepak Bajracharya is co-composed by two of them. “Through this song, I also want to emphasize on the preservation and promotion of Nepali music, Nepali culture and Nepali ethnic instruments globally”, the singer says.

The lively song has an equally lively and entertaining music video conceptualized by Cherisa Bajracharya. Shot by Anil Manandhar, the video is directed by Subrat Raj Acharya and edited by Supreme Parajuli.

Watch it here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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