Watch: Sanam Performs 1974 AD’s ‘Parelima’ During Kathmandu Concert

Sanam performed for the first time in Nepal last evening. The event held at Jwalakhel Ground in Kathmandu had the popular Indian 4-member pop-rock band perform some of their covers of Hindi hits and a couple of their originals. It came as quite a surprise for the fans when the band also sang a Nepali song – 1974 AD’s evergreen hit ‘Parelima’.

Watch the video here.

Courtesy of Cinepati

Consisting of Sanam Puri on vocals, Samar Puri on lead guitar, Venky S on bass guitar and Keshav Dhanraj on drums; the band is popular for its beautiful renditions of old Bollywood songs and some of their original music as well. Their latest music video for their new original single ‘Sanam Vennu’ had Nepali model Renuca Singh Thakuri featured in it.

Swoopna Suman and Laure, too, were part of the event organized by Paradox City Inc.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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