Rok Bagoroš Attempts To Set A Guinness World Record In Nepal: Video

Ever since Rok Bagoroš talked about attempting to set a world record in Nepal on an Instagram post, his fans – who are called the RokON squad – had been speculating and waiting for him to tell them, in fact, show them what he was talking about and how he did it.

The Slovenian stunt rider had arrived in Nepal earlier this month to attend an event called ‘Roaring Gears’, a stunt competition organized by Hansraj Hulaschand and company – the sole authorised distributor of KTM bikes in Nepal. The event had taken place at Satdobato Swimming Complex in the capital on March 11 where Bagoroš did what he does the best.

Right after the event in Kathmandu, he left for Mustang the very next day where he had planned to attempt to make a world record. We finally know what it was about as he has now released his latest vlog where he can be seen in action. He reached Muktinath, Mustang – 3664 meters above sea level – to set the world record for performing a stunt riding show in the highest place in the world. In order to do so, he needed to do the show for twenty minutes, and guess what, he did it. “This is the hardest show I did in my life”,  says Bagoroš right after the show is over. “I started ten years ago to do this sport and it brought me here on top of the world”, he gets a little emotional.

The videos of the show have been sent to Guinness World Records for the verification and it will take a couple of weeks to find out whether he succeeded in setting the world record or not. We really hope he did.

Watch the full video here. It’s amazing.

You can get connected to Bagoroš on YouTube and Instagram.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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