Gedai Jasto Jindagi…… Not Anymore!

This is Neetesh Jung Kunwar. Duh! Of course you know him, if you don’t, you’re missing out on some really good music.

We first came across him (and his music) in April 2016 when YouTuber Sisan Baniya uploaded his vlog titled | Guffai Ta Ho |. The 8-minute-video shot during the blockade (you remember the five-month blockade, right?) had Baniya along with some of his friends go on a road trip. A song played in the background — it was an extremely fresh original song that talked about how the singer would do all these amazing things that he has never done, but only in his dreams — because it’s all just guffai ta ho. Recorded and mixed on an iPod, the humorous song became quite popular.  It was Neetesh’ song.

He later released quite a number of other songs like Dhewa Maru, Baal Chaina and Bujheu Haina Kura. All of them did pretty well and have good views on YouTube. And then came March 21, 2017; the day he released his new song called ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’. And as they say, rest is history.

With over 1.5 million YouTube views, ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi‘ is one of Neetesh’ most popular songs. The description of the song on YouTube reads, “Just a song about life”, and well, it did talk about his life.

Dherai jasto sathi Australia,
Koi China, koi Japan, koi Malaysia,
Dai bhane mero Amsterdam ma,
Ani dai ko budi bhane Tottenham ma,
Saarai gaaro chha bhanchan sabai jana,
Hera koi ni farkya hoina,
Maa kasam dhatya hoina tara,
Aafu bhane aile samma India ni gaako chhaina,
Gedai jasto jindagi.

The song talked about his gedai jasto (miserable) life in quite an amusing way. Gedai jasto because he had never been out of Nepal, not even to India, while most of the people he knows are overseas.

That changed.

That changed earlier this week as Neetesh finally, yes finally, went outside of Nepal. Yaaaaaas!!

Neetesh had his first ever international gig last week — on March 3rd as he performed in Sydney.

Which means, his life is not gedai jasto anymore ’cause he just lost his V to Sydney!!!

“I had a great experience, the crowd was really awesome. There were about 15,000 people – which is by far the largest attendance at Rockdale Color Festival – I was informed”, Neetesh told NeoStuffs on Tuesday, the very day he returned to Nepal.

“I was thrilled by the crowd’s reaction and how they were chanting and were singing along with me. I started the gig with ‘Gedai Jasto Jindagi’, followed by ‘Ashma’, ‘The Chhuttee Song’ and some of the other numbers. But the best part turned out to the be the moment when I started singing ‘Hamro Nepalma’. The look on those Nepali eyes whilst waving our national flag – it was such an emotional moment.”

“I don’t know if anybody noticed – lucky for me as I had my sunglasses on – I did cry a little.”

Wow! That aerial shot looks so cool!

Just in case you don’t know (which is not possible, though) about Hamro Nepalma song and wonder why it was an emotional moment for everyone present when he sang it — the song talks about the feelings of a person who is living abroad and how he misses everyone back home. Released in January earlier this year, the song has turned out to be Neetesh’ biggest hit so far with over 2 million views on YouTube in just three months.

Oh, wait, there’s this video of him performing ‘Hamro Nepalma’ in Sydney. Here you go.

So good. So good.

Way to go, boy! We are sure you would be touring around the world with your beautiful music.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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