Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Now Has A Nepali Remix: Watch

Drake dropped a heartwarming music video for his single ‘God’s Plan’ two weeks ago. And quite unsurprisingly, it’s a huge hit online as the video already has garnered over 93 million views on YouTube.

Directed by Karena Evans, the video follows Drake around Miami while he gives away almost a million dollars, $999,631.90 to be exact, to those in need.

For the fifth consecutive week, the song is on No.1 position on the Hot 100. It is the second song in history to be streamed 100 million times in a week. According to Billboard, ‘God’s Plan’ was streamed 101.7 million times last week.


A Nepali rendition of the song has recently been released. It’s more like a cover — with Vek singing the chorus and two verses from the original song; while rap artist Zeroo has added a Nepali verse.

Sapna pachhyaune kram ma pura
Ta bhayena bhanera na dukhau chitta
Tyo mann ma dus thari kura ta aaucha ni
Tara sangharsa nai timro tyo mitra ho
Tesaile jivan ma ke gari bhanera
Aafulai na sodha prashna
Mann chha ke banna,
Timro tyo sapna pura yaha garna ta
Mehnat chahi aawasayak parcha

The guys aren’t giving away a million dollars in the video, but this rendition definitely has turned out to be good. Watch the video released by ClassX Presentation here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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