‘Hari’ Trailer: Bipin Karki’s New Film Looks Unusual And Intriguing

Bipin Karki plays the titular role in ‘Hari’, a film set to release on May 18th.

We’ve seen and loved him as Bindu in Chhadke, as Bhasme Don in Pashupati Prasad, as Pittal in Loot 2 and as Goldie in Naakaa, among others; and looks like we’re surely going to love him playing Hari in his new film as it looks like an interesting character.

Karki plays Hari, an ordinary man who has a routined life until something happens, most probably he falls in love (again?) and then things start getting out of hands. From “I am a man of schedule” to “and then I couldn’t resist”, the 2-minute trailer doesn’t really give away any idea about the plot of the film, but it does keep the audience intrigued.

It looks like Thinley Lhamo, who was Karki’s co-actor in Naakaa as well, plays his love interest in this film.

The film that also stars Sunita Shrestha Thakur, Kamal Mani Nepal, Laxmi Bardewa, Loknath Acharya, Prakash Gandarva, Ram Bhajan Kamat and Sunisha Bajagain is produced under the banner of Subhalabh Film Production. It is jointly written and directed by Safal KC and Pratik Gurung.

Watch the trailer here.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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