Shiva Lamichhane ‘C-waz’ Releases First New Pop Song In 11 Years

Shiva Lamichhane, popularly known by his stage name C-waz, has just released his first new pop song in 11 years.

C-waz’s last pop album, Kripa, was released in 2007 and he hadn’t dropped any new song since then, UNTIL TODAY when he finally did. Titled ‘Jay Nepal’, the song sung by him is written and composed by Hercules Basnet. Arranged by Almoda Rana Uprety, the song is mixed by Ujwal Shreyan Mahat, and mastered by Rahul Sharma.

The beautiful patriotic song has an equally amazing music video, directed by Naren Limbu and edited by Binay Kansakar. It took the video almost a year to come out and there’s a story behind it. Initially, the video was filmed by a different director in various locations in Manang, Chitwan and Kathmandu. But when the video was to go for post production, C-waz didn’t find it to be good enough. And hence, with the new video team – this time with Naren Limbu and Binay Kansakar on board – the entire video was filmed again in the same locations.

And well, we are glad they did it again. We don’t know how it was made the first time; but the final result that has been released is fantastic.

Watch it here.

Beautiful, right?

While it’s C-waz’s first pop song in eleven years; he did sing a song for a film in 2015. The song titled ‘Janina Ki Maile‘ was part of ‘Resham Filili’. Later in 2017, he had appeared on reality television show, Nepal Idol, on its 26th episode where he was seen singing his hit song ‘Kina Dukhcha’ with one of the contestants on the show, Pratap Das.

Photo Credit: AP1/Nepal Idol/YouTube

The Chairman of Baraha Jewellery and Kripa Drishya Digital, C-waz has been busier with his business ventures in recent years.


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