Neetesh J. Kunwar Releases A Love Song, With A Heartbreaking (And Hilarious) Sequel

Neetesh Jung Kunwar had us shocked when he released his new single today. Titled ‘Pari’, it’s a love song — like, a complete love song. And that’s so not Neetesh. We’re all used to him singing not-at-all-romantic songs like Dhokebaaj, Anti Valentine Song (Baal Chaina) and Malai Ullu Nabanau; and then he suddenly sings, “Timi pari ta hainau bhanne holan yaha kaiyaun, tara mero laagi timi kunai apsara bhanda kehi ni kam chhainau“. And that’s a shocker.

It was only after he released the song’s sequel titled ‘Pidit’, we were like, “Phew! Now you are back. That’s the real Neetesh we all know.”

That escalated quickly, right?

Both the songs – Pari (Love Story Part 1) and Pidit (Love Story Part 2) – are written, composed, performed, mixed and mastered by Neetesh. Pari also features Chetan Raj Karki on electric guitar, organ and drums.

The two songs basically walk you through the different stages of a relationship. Nope, not saying that all relationships end in the same way; but we’re pretty sure a lot of people would be able to relate.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you had a good one.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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