Kina? Releases Music Video For ‘Jali Khel’

Kina?’s debut music video is here.

The Sydney-based band is fronted by Sarun Tamrakar, the lead vocalist of The Uglyz band. The four-member band has Samal Sikarmi on lead guitar, Dipesh Karmacharya on drums and Nishan Shrestha on bass.

“Samal, Dipesh and I used to play together here in Sydney when I performed solo gigs. And it had been a while since we caught up, especially after the birth of Sahas [his son]”, Tamrakar told NeoStuffs. “Dipesh suggested we jam again and this time we had Nishan on bass. On the first day of studio jam rehearsal, we all clicked and started to work on the song.”

And that’s how Kina came into existence. There’s actually a funny story behind how the band was named. “When we went to record our song, we didn’t have a name for the band. So when the studio asked the name of the band, Dipesh asked him WHY? And then we stuck with “Kina” as we thought it was short and catchy”, the ‘Audai Jadai’ hitmaker explained.

‘Jali Khel’, the first single by the band, talks about mental health and how it feels like to be struggling with depression. The song has an equally intense music video produced by Jazz Productions.

While Sarun Tamrakar is part of the new band now, he still is with The Uglyz as well. The band (Uglyz) might be touring US and Nepal this year.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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