Conscious Releases New Track “Jitey”, A Song For The Winners

Hey there, Happy New Year!

This is the first post of 2018 on NeoStuffs, so we just wanted it to be about positivity and good vibes only; and that’s why this song.

“Aina ma herr ani musukka haas,
Baal na de sabko aafu khurukka baach,
Kehi nalai janmesi ke ko yaha laaj,
Bhagwan ko chhora lai chahidaina taaj”

That’s what Conscious is suggesting you to do in his latest track called ‘Jitey’. The anonymous underground rapper has been in the game for a couple of years now but hasn’t revealed his identity yet. Rumor has it that he is a doctor — no, not a metaphorical “NepHop ko doctor” who is here to ‘treat’ all the wack rappers or anything; but an actual medical doctor; you know the person who treats sick people and stuff. Not sure, though; as he denies to comment on it. “I am anonymous because I want to be a thought, you know. Conscious is not a person — a person has a face, a person can be killed. Thoughts can’t be killed”, he says.

The “Farak Rapper” is currently working on his debut studio album. Signed under the label of TEC Records, his album titled ‘Buddha in Chaos’ is expected to drop in a couple of months. And before the album releases, he will be releasing an EP called ‘Twisted Son of God’. He says it’s “a little warm up for the album”.

“I was feeling victorious and so I made this song. Seii Seii [who produced the beat for the song] sent me the beat and I just had this phrase, ‘Jitey jitey jitey maile zindagi ma jitey’, and then I immediately knew how to finish the song”, he says about ‘Jitey’.

The video is a compilation of various clips featuring Drake, Post Malone, Rich Chigga, Yama Buddha and Yogeshwor Amatya. “I see a lot of artists do a lot of RIP [Yama Buddha] stuff and cash into people’s emotions. That’s the saddest thing a person can do — stealing from a dead man’s pocket”, said Conscious about Yama Buddha’s part on the video. “He didn’t know this but I loved him like I love my parents. So, this is not RIP YB, this is celebrating this legend’s epic lifestory of an underdog achieving things many people can only dream of. I wanted to celebrate his life. And I wanted to talk to all addicts in life that you can get off that shit and do any fu**king thing because you are the creation of lord. And Yama did that living in the third world.”

Phew! Dude surely knows what he is up to and what he is talking about.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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