This Paradygm TV Parody Is Absolutely Savage And Hilarious

In August last year, Paradygm TV released its first video. In just six months, the YouTube channel headed by Sisan Baniya, has garnered over 90k subscribers and around 6 million views in its 29 videos.

And of course, with great popularity comes.. um… wait. Yeah, something comes with it, something definitely comes with it. Something like spoofs and parodies.

YouTuber Jason Lopchan has recently released a spoof titled Hawadygm TV and it’s actually fuckin’ hilarious.

Starring Rejina Khadka as Priyanka Karki, Ankita Koirala as Ayushman DS Joshi, Amshu Sharma as Sabin Karki, Furi Sherpa as Ming Sherap, Pratik Poudel as Swoopna Suman and Daljit Bohara as James Shrestha; the spoof is conceptualized by Jason Lopchan and Pratik Poudel. Three of the episodes of Paradygm TV have been parodied by the gang — Prashta Nepali, Guess the Food, Try Not to Laugh (which has been turned into Try Not to Cry challenge).

And of course, the participants go home with some amaaaaaaaazing gifts!!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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