VTEN’s ‘Laure Ko Fashion’ Becomes First Trap Nepal Track To Reach 1 Million Views

YouTube has lately become a huge platform, in fact the biggest platform, for Nepali music. Nepali songs, too, have started reaching the 1 million milestone in no time — within a week, to be more particular. But that’s not the case with HipHop as there still are very few Nepali rap songs that have hit the million club and you can literally count them on your fingers. Although the genre has been gaining a good popularity, the audience reach is still limited.

Joining the list of those few rap songs that have garnered 1 million YouTube views, it’s VTEN’s ‘Laure Ko Fashion‘. Released by Trap Nepal in May last year, the song has become the label’s first song to accomplish the feat in less than seven months.

Sampled from the classic song ‘Lahure Ko Relimai’ by Master Mitrasen Thapa, the beat is produced by Hype. “I am a huge fan of Master Mitrasen Thapa and I had this tune in my memory since childhood as my dad used to listen to him. So one day I eventually came up with an idea to hype it up in my own style”, the producer told NeoStuffs.

“During the time of collaboration with VTEN, he chose to write over the Laure Ko Fashion instrumental as soon as he heard it. And then we both put our input to it and came up with the song.”

While a lot of people love the track; a number of fans wish it was a little longer. So is there a possibility that an extended version of the song could be released in future? Well, looks like it’s happening. “We have already finished a 3-minute song. We always thought that our song was already a full version but we had to come up with the longer version because of the popular demand”, said Hype. There’s also a possibility of releasing a music video for the song.

Yay!! So, who’s excited?

Cover Photo: Sankalpa Photography

Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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