Raw Barz S04E01: Kavi G Could Have Killed It But He Chose To Kill The Vibe Instead

The fourth season of Raw Barz took place at The Factory in Thamel, Kathmandu on November 11th. 16 rappers battled it out in the rap battle league hosted by Girish Khatiwada.

The first rap battle from the season four has now been released online. Bidesh Karki aka Kavi G, formerly known as Nephron, and Saraha Parajuli aka Bizuli made their Raw Barz debut with this one.

Watch it first, then we shall talk about it.

The battle was being dubbed as one of the most interesting battles this year by the audience who witnessed it live. So, is it actually worth all the hype?

Just 17, Kavi G already is a dope rapper. He has a powerful voice, good flow and good writing skills — he proved himself with his latest mixtape ‘Sarvanam’. So quite obviously, a lot of people had been looking forward to his Raw Barz debut; and he didn’t disappoint. He did deliver some good punchlines; and was in a good form. But what bothered us was how he presented himself.

A rap battle is all about dissing and destroying your opponent – with your bars, not with your bullshit. During over half an hour of the battle, the ‘Rap Ko Kira’ rapper was constantly talking – not just when it was his turn but even when Bizuli was spitting his bars. He was continuously interrupting him, trying to make fun of him.

Kavi G even started talking to the audience — yes, right while Bizuli was throwing his bars. It was clear that he wanted to intimidate Bizuli; but he had to do it with his words, not by trying to be a bully.

A good battle rapper has to be a good listener. You gotta listen carefully to the shit your opponent is throwing at you; and then BOOM, get right back at them with even meaner burn. But that’s not what Kavi G seemed to be doing. He was not being a sport.

At one point, Bizuli raps, “Jaile ma rap hanchu kina garcha mote le biccha ma disturb“, and the audience start cheering for him. To which, Kavi G questions, “Is that a line?”

Well, that was not just a line but the mutual feeling of every single person present there; and the people watching the battle on YouTube.

Kavi G is a good rapper, hopefully he will learn to become an equally good ‘artist’ as well. Peace!


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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