Perfectly Imperfect!

Us, somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

(Just kidding. It’s just Chitwan National Park)


What did the tiger say when it saw us? “Oooh! Meals on wheels. Yum!”

With that shitty joke from 1980, cheers to us. No, not me and you. I mean us — me and my wife. Like the rest of the world does; we, too, celebrate our wedding anniversary in Mangsir (Nov-Dec).

It’s the month when your entire Facebook newsfeed is full of wedding and anniversary photos and you’re like, “Somebody please make these stop”, but you gotta be nice anyway and end up commenting, “Aww! Congratulations, you two. #couplegoals”, on those posts. So yeah, go ahead and be nice to us as well. Comment something sweet.

You see, there has to be this one person in every relationship who can never remember the important dates. Earlier this morning, I was like, “Happy anniversary, babe”, and she replied, “What anniversary??”

“I know it wasn’t one of the most memorable days of your life, but if you try and remember correctly, we once got married… to each other. Remember?”

And she immediately responded, “Ha. Of course, I remember. Why would I not remember our anniversary? I was just kidding.” And I just said to myself, “Yeah, yeah. Of course, you remember.”

A little flashback (I don’t exactly know for how many years we’ve been married, I’ve lost count. But, seems like forever, ahem!). So our love story began in Pokhara. One day I spotted her having momos in a restaurant. Me being great at pick up lines, went straight to her and said, “You, yes you momo eating beauty, let’s get married and eat momos together for the rest of our lives”. Astonished, she replied, “Hey mister, whatever your name is, if you think I will marry you just because you commit to feed me momos all my life, you are absolutely right.” And we lived happily ever…..!


I only learned later that she is a vegan and now I am stuck, eating veggie momos. Facepalm!

That’s bullshit. That’s not our love story. We actually have a legit love story full of romance, drama and emotions. It’s no less than a film, you just need to put a couple of good songs in it. May be I will share the story one day, or may be not.

The thing is, I know we’re not a perfect couple. In fact, a perfect couple is a myth. Like everything else; a relationship, too, has flaws. It can never be 100% perfect; and the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. It’s okay to be not perfect, you just need to love each other for who they are.

Damn. This is turning into the cheesiest write-up I’ve ever done, like I am some Love Guru and shit. So, why am I exactly writing this; and that too in public? At times, my wife has complained that the blog is more important to me than her — because IT IS. Noooo, of course not. And I can actually understand why she says that — blogging consumes the most of my remaining time, left after my 9 to 5. So, today on our anniversary, I just wanted to let her know that she still remains the most important part of my life (after momos); and I wanted to make it OFFICIAL by putting it on the blog. I love you, wifey!

Really though, cheesy AF! I’m out.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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