Dayahang Rai & Samten Bhutia Play Blind Beer Tasting Game: Watch

Guys, you remember this scene from ‘Chhadke’, right?

Yeah, the scene where a blindfolded Dayahang Rai had to taste and guess the beer brands. Err! Let’s not talk about what happens next.

The actor recently played the same game in real life. He appeared along with director Samten Bhutia on the latest video of Paradygm TV. The two had to taste beers, with the beer’s identity hidden, and guess the beer brands.

The 33-minute-video has the actor-director duo not only playing, in fact, enjoying the game; but also talk about their latest film ‘Taandro’ and their film journey so far. Two extremely down to earth and humble celebrities talking about some real stuff coming straight from their hearts; this really is a good one. Watch.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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