Parako Desh: Mini-Documentary Tells What It’s Like To Be A Nepali Student Abroad

Parako Desh: Untold Stories is a 11-minute mini documentary trying to find out what it’s like to be a Nepali student abroad through various Nepali students currently living in Australia.

The film by Asha Buddhacharya is filmed by Tamara Gordon and Yhel Pedrina; and edited by Sailesh Sharma. Daniel Ray, who also appears in the film telling his story, has composed the music for the film.

“People are influenced to come here because of the photographs posted on social media platforms”, says Nisha Bhatta who went to Australia eight months ago. “Australia was like a wonderland to me. That was one of the major reasons I came here. Also, I wanted to grow independent.”

Sailesh Sharma, a film-making enthusiast, went to Australia to study about camera techniques and wants to return to Nepal to do something in the same field. Shanta Khatri KC, on the other hand, moved to Australia to finish her 3 years Bachelors to get registered and get a decent job.

Musician Daniel Ray, who had a band in Nepal called Baptism, moved to Australia when the band couldn’t do well and even all the other members moved abroad. Anju Budhacharya, who has been living there for nine years, wanted to leave Nepal because of the strict caste systems and restrictions for girls. She went their for her “freedom”.

In short, every single person has their own story and they have their own reasons to go abroad. While some of them intend to return to Nepal in future, others don’t. Some of them are having difficulties to cope with life abroad, and the others are enjoying their life there.

Answering the question, “How is it like living abroad?”, is as difficult as answering what’s life or what’s love. It’s simply because everyone have their own experiences and their own definitions of them. It’s never the same for everyone.

If you, too, are living abroad, let us know your reason to leave Nepal, in the comment section below.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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