Watch: Shameful Video Of British Kids Throwing Eggs At Nepali Elders

Okanees, a trio of Nepali YouTubers based in the UK, recently posted a video titled ‘Nepalese Elders Get Harassed By British Kids (SuperSeriousTalk)’ on the video sharing platform. The channel, that otherwise creates and publishes fun videos, brought a shameful incident to our attention this time.

The incident involved a bunch of British kids egging two Nepali elders on. The kids didn’t only throw eggs at them, but also recorded it and posted the video on their social medial handle.

The footage shows the kids laughing while they are throwing eggs at those elderly men who are just trying to get away from the scene. The incident that took place in the UK has apparently triggered the Nepalese community, quite obviously, and they are taking it to their social media handles to speak against the kids who were involved.

Along with condemning the incident, the Okanees YouTubers constantly request the people not to be violent to these kids if they spot them, and instead, try to educate them.

We hope the necessary steps are taken against everyone involved in the incident, and more importantly, they are taught how to respect elders and not be ageist and racist. Watch the video by Okanees here. They have also shown the footage from the incident (comes at 1:45).


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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