Video: Promise Tamang Transforms Herself Into Pennywise From ‘It’

Promise Tamang can transform herself into anyone. ANYONE!

Into a creepy scarecrow.

Into Harley Quinn

Into Selena Gomez

Into Moana

Into Wonder Woman

Into Sailor Moon

Even into Ed Sheeran

And can even give you a headache with this weird transformation.

A girl is no one. In fact, a girl can be anyone.

The US based make-up guru and YouTuber known as ‘Human Chameleon’ recently uploaded a new transformation video. The video has her transforming herself into this fellow.

Aww. Such a friendly looking cute fellow, right?

Yep, that’s your buddy Pennywise from ‘It’. Watch the video how Promise transformed herself into this lad.

With over 4.7 million and 1.1 million subscribers on her two YouTube channels, Promise is the most popular YouTuber of Nepali descent. Find her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Neeraj Pun (NEO)

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